moves me..

it speaks to
my aloneness

it bleeds through
my brokenness..

it shines within
my wholeness..

I’m a child;
a mother;
a restless lover
of the divine..

I’m everyone
and no-one.

I started this Poem sharing site 7 years ago today. My main aim and motivation for sharing Poems remains exactly the same; to release something of myself that may be of comfort to others. If just one person feels less alone because of some words that have come through me; the Poem has served its purpose.

During the past 7 years, I’ve self published 2 paperback Poetry Books, and now I make my own Handmade books of Poems, a process which has become my biggest passion. I’ve always written Poetry. Mostly it’s a beautiful mystery to me where Poems come from; unfolding as they do from somewhere in the ether.

When someone experiences a connection with a Poem, it all feels of value on a soul level. 

Peace & Love Mairi 💙
27th March 2023


  1. Your art is exquisite – both at poetry, painting and all that you create from suhc gentle beautiful place in your heart. It is beautiful to read from you writing about your own writing & creativity.

    1. You were one of the first people to connect with me on this Poem sharing journey. Thank you for your beautiful energy then and now. 💙

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